One Cannolo, Two Cannoli
March 29, 2011 14:59

While I’m waving my Italian flag, I might as well mention cannoli.

What I like about the cannolo is that it isn’t afraid to get creative: chocolate chips, candied fruit, pistachio-studded shells. But why wait for dessert, when you could dine on Parmesan and Cracked Pepper Cannoli with Shrimp and Celery? Holy Cannoli!

At every family gathering, guests come pastry-handed. No matter what the occasion, it feels like Christmas every time I untie the string and peek into the white cardboard box. Sfogliatelle, pignoli, zeppoli, struffoli, and…wait for it… cannoli. I close my eyes and inhale the sugary aroma.

After a filling dinner, trays and trays of colorful treats file out of the kitchen. My internal cannoli radar squeals and I weave through relatives to the dessert table. (Sidenote: Italians are never hungry, but they can always eat.) A golden shell stuffed with ricotta. Creamy, meet crispy. Piacere.

After travelling throughout Italy, I’ve certainly seen my fair share of mama cannoli and, trust me, I enjoyed every. last. bite. But barely measuring the length of my index finger, those bambini get me every time.