Chick Pot Pies
April 12, 2011 16:52

     While most girls my age love a shoe shopping spree, I relish in a peaceful Sunday stroll through Williams-Sonoma. Rather than pacing aisles of flats, pumps, and booties, I obsess over blenders, mixers, and muffin pans. I’d take cookware over footwear any day.
     Most recently, I came across Le Creuset’s mini cocottes. I squeal with delight, the same way a pregnant woman might when picking up a tiny pair of baby shoes. Wook how wittle dey are! Instantly, I was inspired by all the mini meals I could make, and the first food that came to mind was a personal potpie. With a puff-pastry crust and a creamy yet hearty filling of chicken and veggies, it’s a truly comforting dish. It’ll make you nostalgic for homemade cooking, even if your mom never made it. 
      Although it’s normally served in a large ceramic deep dish, chicken potpies dished out in the mini cocottes are so adorable that it’s excruciating to wait for them to cool down out of the oven, and I’m usually reminded of it the next day when my tongue is still burnt.