The Overflow of Ketchup
April 27, 2011 8:15

Finally, a new word has entered the vernacular that stands up for what is just on the plate. A man coined "disrepectchup" (disrespect + ketchup) on Reddit on April 24 out of disbelief after his wife took a perfectly fit grilled lime pork tenderloin and added ketchup. 

We all know people that use disgusting amounts of ketchup, apply it to absurd foods, or liberally load up a food without even having tasted it first. Like salt, ketchup should be applied with a conservative hand only after testing the food and judging that a dab of ketchup would improve the dining experience. 

Serious Eats formally defines the word as:

Disrespectchup: (dis-ri-ˈspeke-chəp) noun. To overuse and abuse ketchup, particularly on dishes beyond fries, hash browns, burgers, and eggs. When my wife took my lovingly grilled lime pork tenderloin and added ketchup, it was a disrespectchup.

The movement generates much controversy. Some die-hard disrespectchupers defend their rights, while others campaign to add more words describing the widespread injustices done to other condiments, notably hot sauce and ranch dressing.

Please join Flavorly in the crusade to take back the condiments!