Miniature Banana Splits: Hitting the Sweet Spot
April 26, 2011 18:49

While baseball season comes into full swing, so do my ice cream cravings. As a kid, it was a ritual to go to our town ice cream stand after softball games, win or lose. No matter how fierce we fought on the field, we all were friends when cones came into play.

Swatting mosquitoes, I would stand before the Kimball Farm flavor board, overwhelmed by my options and plagued by the eternal question: to play it safe with cookie dough, or swing away with a new flavor?

The thing about Kimballs is that its sizes are a little skewed. They serve kiddy, small, medium, and large, although the kiddy isn’t listed on the board. With two heaping scoops, it’s equivalent to a large at most other joints, and it’s really entertaining to see rookies’ faces when they are handed their “smalls.”

Tackling the banana split seemed impossible, like hitting a homerun over the high school fence. Every once and a while, after a big victory, we might ask our parents for the behemoth banana split, topped with a choice of three flavors and toppings. I never saw someone finish the foot-long feat, whether it was because they gave up, or their belly burst half-way through. But that never made ordering it any less fun.

These days, I’m not trying to eat my weight in dessert, which means I usually have to rule out the banana split unless I enlist an equally-as-extreme partner. Get a fix, instead, with a mini banana split; three cherry-sized scoops sitting atop a mini banana, sprinkled with tiny toppings like M&M minis or crushed Oreos and eaten with a small espresso spoon. It’s a tiny taste, with grand slam flavor.