Naughty and Spice
April 1, 2011 14:39

WARNING: This post is rated R for strong sexual content and language.

The Facebook group "Supermarket Scrabble" is holding an "APRIL FOOLS DAY BONANZA" event that encourages grocery shoppers worldwide to spell crude words by rearranging products on supermarket shelves and snap photos. Andy Wright, of Newcastle, England, created the group "to make trips to the shops more fun," according to its description.  It has a large British following (hence the English slang in the scrabbles), although the challenge knows no borders.

While all supermarket products are fair game, the vast majority of language is spelled out with spice jars, which have a single, large letter on the label. Certain brands, like Tesco and Morrisons, which offer an extensive line of spices, make easy targets. Wright helps Scrabblers spell by listing a handy alphabet of spices of the group page. For example, those in search of an "S" can choose from sage, salt, sorrel, star anise, or saffron, while mint and mustard seeds can supply an "M." Words like excrement and urine will have to wait, as spices starting with "X"s and "U"s are rarely stocked on shelves. But the group warns: "** BE CAREFUL, MANY SPICE RACKS ARE UNDER GUARD!**" especially this April Fools' Day. So be sneaky today, Scrabblers.

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Scrabblers' sneaky shots from the aisles: