A Piece of Pie-adise
March 15, 2011 15:34

As exams sneak up, pizza makes a perfect snack. I’m not talking 18-inch, grease-spots-on-my-notebooks pizza, but cute little pizza bites. 

Making minis couldn’t be simpler, and best of all, the pizzabilities are endless! Starting from the bottom up, get your dough right. You can take the boring Bagel Bite route, or opt for an easy sliced English muffin—the edges crisp up nicely in a toaster oven. 

If you choose to get creative, roll out some pizza dough and cut small rounds with a glass. You can mold the dough in muffin tins to make little cups, poking holes at the bottom with a fork. Dare to be different? Mini pizzas come in all shapes and, well, one mini size… but so many shapes! Use cookie cutters to form fun shapes, like stars, hearts, or even pizzabread men.

Tons of toppings turn pizza night into arts and crafts night. It’s a small canvas to work with, but be bold when loading up on fixings. Tomatoes, pesto, artichoke, olives, spinach, mushrooms, bacon; if it fits, it’s in.

And remember, pizza isn’t just for studying; you can eat pizza any time. Swap the cold, morning-after pizza for a fresh round topped with sausage and eggs.