Q&A with Supermarket Scrabbler Andy Wright
April 1, 2011 18:03

Shoppers are sticking it to supermarkets worldwide by rearranging products to spell words that you would feel uncomfortable reading while buying groceries with your mother. Flavorly Facebook-messaged Andy Wright, creator of the "Supermarket Scrabble"  group and long-time scrabbler, to discuss his scrabble-ography.
For how long have you been scrabbling?
I've been scrabbling since the supermarkets made the mistake of putting the big letters on the spice jars, although I've been re-arranging letters in car spares shops for longer than that.

Why did you start the “Supermarket Scrabble” Facebook group?
I set up the group in April last year because I wanted my friends to realise I was just as puerile now as I was at school.

What has been your favorite Supermarket Scrabble?
My favorite scrabble I've managed is "COCK" although drawing a penis and balls on Iggle Piggle from In the Night Garden made me laugh the most. It's not all about the spice aisles and since there seems to be increased security on the herbs we need to diversify. I recently found a picture of a severed foot in a freezer full of meat (false, of course) and thought that was very good.

Have you ever been caught?
I've never been caught by staff yet, although my mother wasn't very impressed when I put "SEX POT BUM" on a display in an arts and crafts outlet where she was shopping. If they'd had a letter "H," I'd have had "HOT BUM SEX.” 

How do you feel about the response you’ve gotten from other scrabblers?
I've been very impressed by the pictures that are flooding in. People have managed bigger words like "CLITORIS" and "FISTING" and many photos have come from staff and not customers.

What do you expect from the April Fools' Day initiative?
I'm still checking the April Fool entries. It's still the afternoon on the American West coast, so there's time yet. Hopefully the picturess will keep rolling in long after today; only time will tell.

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