Say Hello To My Little Ethiopian Friend 
April 5, 2011 18:53

     For this next post, make sure you have a valid passport. We are saying ciao to Italy, land of cannoli, meatballs, and pizza, and popping in to Ethiopia for what Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmerman calls the “next big thing.” But the thing about this “next big thing” is that it’s not big at all.
     To call it tiny popcorn would be misleading, because there’s nothing corny about it. It’s actually popped sorghum, the fifth-most produced cereal grain in the world, trailing only corn, rice, wheat, and barley. When popped, it mimics the movie theater munch, only slightly sweeter. It’s a relative of corn, plus some protein and fiber and minus some of the calories, fat and gluten, making it celiac-safe. 
     Popping up stateside in flavors like Ethiopian berbere , apple pie spice, and spicy Cajun creolo, tiny sorghum’s got a big taste. 
     I’ll let Andrew Zimmerman take it from here: